During the last 2000 years, as the Jewish people, forlorn and wandering from place to place,  the land of Israel went into disuse.  “The land refused to prosper in the hands of the Pagans, Romans, Christian Crusaders, Egyptians, Mohammedans, Turks.  All conquered the land and tried to make it their own.  But none succeeded.  The land patiently waited for her own beloved.  The land without a people, waited for the people without a land!”  Siddur book,  taken from “Our love for Eretz Yisrael”, “Torah, our tree of life”. 

The Torah endows man with modesty and reverence,  and teaches him to be virtuous, pious, upright, and faithful.     “The Sh’ma:  Hear oh Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is one,  And you should love the L-rd thy G-d, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”  This ancient prayer from Deut. 6:4-5,  is the most important prayer in Judaism!   First,  to love the L-rd with all your heart, means to love him with all your spiritual nature,  the very supernatural essence of your deeper self,  that which has been awakened by   G-d.  Second, with all your soul,  means with all your personality,  till the end of life;  and third,  with all your might,  means with all your efforts and will!  If you reverse this it teaches a valuable lesson,  you end up with human effort attempting to gain access to  G-d:  I will love him with all my human effort, so that I can somehow change my soul, thereby getting to a supernatural state of being!  Thereby gaining access to heaven.  This is not biblical teaching,  but a reversal of this very important prayer that says we are to trust haShem  for the finished work in each soul,   Chief Rabbi. Joseph Hilbrant………………

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