Prayer for Israel for Wisdom

Shalom, and greetings to our dear friends, members, and supporters!    I would like to request at this serious time in Israel, with the Jewish State fighting against Terrorism, that you pray specifically that the Government of Israel be given Wisdom from on high in how to deal with the constant attacks on the Israeli population by stabbings, car attacks, and shootings by Palestinian terrorists.  99% of all terrorists are eliminated.  That means that there are suicidal individual terrorists who want to die for Allah.  It’s the new threat against Israel by the PLO and their thug leaders in the hope of getting what they want!  And what do they want?  The PLO wants every Jew to leave Israel, everyone, and scatter to the world!  They specifically asked Israelis to return to Poland and Germany, eluding to the concentration camps of Europe where in World War II, 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis!   The Palestinians DON’T WANT A TWO STATE SOLUTION!  ONLY A ONE STATE SOLUTION, AND ITS NAME IS PALESTINE, NO JEW NEED APPLY!  In several videos over the years, released by the PLO and Hamas, there is shown little children with their toy guns, wrapped in make-believe bombs to blow themselves up for Allah, to be the next in line Terrorists, and they are taught to spew hate out of their little mouths, death to Israel, death to the Jews, kill every Jew, etc.

This culture of hate continues so Israel will need to be constantly vigilant.  We also need for you to be vigilant in your prayers and support.  If you are praying, pray more.  These senseless people are full of demons, full of hate, envy, following a religion that espouses killing, and making all to follow Allah, and no one else.  Don’t be fooled, Islam leaves no doubt that the world must follow Allah!  The Koran, their Holy book, makes it clear, convert or die!  Join us each day in prayer, for Israel, for Jerusalem, and for all Jewish people everywhere, for G-d’s protection, for strength and for wisdom,

Am Yisrael Chai, the people of Israel live!

Chief Rebbe Yosef Hilbrant


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