Community Way of Life (Part 2) – Second Exodus

In the Torah we have record of the first Exodus from Egypt.  The Jewish nation under the leadership of Moses and Aaron would travel to Mount Sinai and there they would receive the commandments and a finalization of a theocratic state under G-d.  A nation would be taken out of a nation, something that has never been done before.  Through signs and wonders the Egyptian nation was humbled.  Over four hundred and thirty years of slavery and captivity would end.

There is an old Jewish saying, “Whoever G-d liberates or ransoms, He has the right to rule.”  Two significant events took place in the Torah.  First the L-rd saved His people from slavery, second He brought them to Mount Sinai and sanctified them.  Salvation and sanctification are two sides of one coin.

There is a second Exodus that is taking place, nations are being taken out of many nations.  As the Jewish people will always look upon these two events as the solid foundation of their faith, we also are witnessing a second Exodus of the Gentiles.  For the last 2,000 years people from every race, creed and color are accepting the Jewish Messiah, belief in the creeds of the Bible, monotheism, its ethics and morals, pretty much all the teaching of scripture.  These peoples of every nation are called ‘children of Abraham by faith’.  Yet it is so sad that in church history, because of the prolific numbers of Gentiles that have been saved, and because these numbers far outweigh Jews who have embraced Jesus as Messiah, it ultimately has led to Christendom’s very poor doctrinal belief of replacing the Jews as G-d’s chosen people.  Though there are many Protestants today who have a great regard for Israel and Jewish people in general, still many others have doctrinally turned their back against the Hebrew nation.  There is a desperate need for reeducation of hundreds of years of miserable doctrinal views that contradict the inerrancy of Scripture.  Not only on this subject but on others as well.  Because of the way our society is in America and with the increased fracturing of families and liberalism, many churches and denominations have changed from intimate communities to the glorification of seeking after ‘religious experience’ instead of seeking the presence of G-d and His Scripture.

The Jewish apostles and early Jewish believers in the Messiah, would most certainly have taught   a community way of life.  Would have taught the laws of Scripture and would have not left Gentile believers in the lurch.  Even in the New Covenant it says if you love me keep my commandments and He wasn’t talking from the new covenant because it didn’t even exist yet.  At that time there was only apostolic letters floating thorough out the Roman Empire. These letters finally became canonized roughly about 300 years later.  So what did Jewish and Gentile believers use for proof text?  The Torah, Prophets and Writings.  How were they guided, directed and instructed?  The Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.  Which means that non-Jewish believers were instructed by the commandments of Moses.  So there won’t be any misunderstandings, the Laws of G-d were never meant to obtain righteousness but to express righteousness.  How do you live a holy life?  By obedience to the Holy Commandments.

I do wish that some day Christians would get past their own issues and not be afraid to discuss what G-d has always given to us – an inheritable right that spans time and it is called the Abrahamic Covenant.  How are the people of the first Exodus and the people of the second Exodus ever going to unite unless we recognize what G-d has apportioned for both of us.

Let us reason together, dialogue and be willing to discuss and obey all that G-d has for us.  For He is a G-d that loves us and wants the very best for us.

Think on these things,
Chief Rabbi Yosef Hilbrant

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