Rabbi Yosef Hilbrant is the chief rabbi and president of B’rit Avraham Orthodox Netzarim Shul and is spiritual father several other Jewish communities within the United States and around the world.  He is the primary teacher of Torah Treasures a blog talk radio program with Dr. David Fournier. Rabbi Hilbrant is founder of the online Yeshiva, the Centre of Torah Insights and Torah Observance. He is a well known lecturer within Christian circles teaching on Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant.  Rabbi Hilbrant is the founder of the online Yeshiva, the Centre for Hebraic Insights and Torah observance.

Rabbi Yochanon ben David, John Marshall, is assistant rabbi at B’rit Avraham Orthodox Netzarim Shul.  He works for the city of Corona, CA.  He is married to his lovely wife Laura and they have three children and several grandchildren.  Rabbi Marshall enjoys working with his horse (s) and on his good sized garden, and raising chickens.  He was instrumental in the outreach to Ethiopia, and because of his efforts and Rabbi Hilbrant’s we now have several synagogues there under the direction of Rabbi Mekassa Kassa, who also sits under the tutelage of Rabbi Hilbrant.  Together Rabbi Hilbrant and Rabbi Marshall have visited several times to encourage the brethren in Ethiopia.

Al Pelletier is the elder at B’rit Avraham Orthodox Netzarim Shul.  He is a mastercrafts-man who has been blessed of HaShem with his ability to build things.  He is able to picture something in his mind, design it and then build it, truly talent from HaShem.  He blessed the shul with an eight foot menorah which can be used as a chanukiah for Chanukah, the bima used to hold the Torah scroll on Shabbat, and built the replica of the ark that holds the Torah scroll when not in use as well as many other things.   He lives with his wife, Alice, and two pugs, Pudgy and Lady, in Banning, CA.  Elder Al is full of wisdom with a love of life and wonderful sense of humor.

Mayim (Lynne) Brower, is secretary and Sisterhood President of the shul.  She and her son, Sh’muel (Sam) have been with the shul for 16 years.  Sh’muel is the sound technician/videographer for services at the shul as well as at some services outside of the shul.