Community Way of Life (Part 2) – Second Exodus

In the Torah we have record of the first Exodus from Egypt.  The Jewish nation under the leadership of Moses and Aaron would travel to Mount Sinai and there they would receive the commandments and a finalization of a theocratic state under G-d.  A nation would be taken out of a nation, something that has never been done before.  Through signs and wonders the Egyptian nation was humbled.  Over four hundred and thirty years of slavery and captivity would end.Continue reading

A Community (Part 1) – So Necessary

More and more each day across the United States and other parts of the world the need for a community way of life has never been more apparent.  What is community way of life?  When we think of an orthodox Notzrim synagogue all kinds of thoughts come to mind.  Most of the time it is the modest apparel that seems to be the dead giveaway.  Or it could be how much liturgy is used within the service.Continue reading