In these many years up to now,  I have seen people not only choose to accept religion instead of the true faith of the scriptures, but also by accepting mere religion, have allowed it to replace the intimacy of a real, relevant, close and lasting relationship with the Creator of the universe.  Yes, many people can be devout in their religion and still not know G-d!  Anyone can attend a synagogue, Jewish community center, go to church, even give what they perceive as a tithe, or offering, and still have no idea who G-d is!  When I meet people across the board, from every walk of life, from month to month,  I can tell by how they act, or carry themselves, if they are just religious.  Religion does something that a relationship with G-d cannot do;  produce arrogance and pride!  Many, having a form of  godliness, but denying the power thereof, are ever learning, but never coming to the acknowledgement of the truth!  

     Here is another thought,  religion does not teach this one important truth; that your covenant relationship defines your identity,  and your identity defines your behavior!  A relationship with the master of the universe, through the atonement of the Moshiach Yeshua – the divine tzaddik, and our obedience to his covenant, the mosaic laws, and the oral tradition,  can be so spiritually changing, to such a degree,  that a person’s whole physical lifestyle can be altered!  

At our Hebrew seminary, students work on their dissertations, and there is a lot to study.   What is also of import, is the student living out their covenant relationship within community.  The school and the community are never separated!  65% of the commandments of the bible are domestically oriented!  The master/teacher student relationship,  the rabbis, the sages, the old ones, become actively involved with each student, and each community member!  Being a part of an intimate, local community forces us to look at one another, work with each other, forgive one another, and helps maintain our Jewish traditions and customs, which again, is community!  People jump from one group to the next, one doctrine to the next, all on a whim, with no true commitment.  Here at Brit Avraham,  and our other communities around the world,  we are attempting to stop assimilation into the world system.  Because the world system has joined religion!  


May we all work together, drawing ever closer to a real, true and living G-d, who loves us, and has great things in store for us.


                                                                                Think on these things,  


                                                                             Chief Rabbi, Yosef Hilbrant



During the last 2000 years, as the Jewish people, forlorn and wandering from place to place,  the land of Israel went into disuse.  “The land refused to prosper in the hands of the Pagans, Romans, Christian Crusaders, Egyptians, Mohammedans, Turks.  All conquered the land and tried to make it their own.  But none succeeded.  The land patiently waited for her own beloved.  The land without a people, waited for the people without a land!”  Siddur book,  taken from “Our love for Eretz Yisrael”, “Torah, our tree of life”. 

The Torah endows man with modesty and reverence,  and teaches him to be virtuous, pious, upright, and faithful.     “The Sh’ma:  Hear oh Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is one,  And you should love the L-rd thy G-d, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”  This ancient prayer from Deut. 6:4-5,  is the most important prayer in Judaism!   First,  to love the L-rd with all your heart, means to love him with all your spiritual nature,  the very supernatural essence of your deeper self,  that which has been awakened by   G-d.  Second, with all your soul,  means with all your personality,  till the end of life;  and third,  with all your might,  means with all your efforts and will!  If you reverse this it teaches a valuable lesson,  you end up with human effort attempting to gain access to  G-d:  I will love him with all my human effort, so that I can somehow change my soul, thereby getting to a supernatural state of being!  Thereby gaining access to heaven.  This is not biblical teaching,  but a reversal of this very important prayer that says we are to trust haShem  for the finished work in each soul,   Chief Rabbi. Joseph Hilbrant………………

 Why Do Jewish People Keep Shabbat (Sabbath) from Friday Night to Saturday Night? 

         The Jewish Sabbath, in Hebrew called Shabbat, or rest,  has been kept and understood for 4000 years of Jewish history. We know by the books of Moishe Rebbeinu (Moses our Teacher), the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy), that Moses copied down all of man’s history.   The full weight of history, from Adam and Eve onward, was all Orally passed down to Moses.  And, every Jewish family was required to put to memory all of the history of Judaism, not just Moses!   Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  were all required to learn and then teach the younger ones the full history of man and then its continuance as each Jewish son grew up with this knowledge.  It was an awesome responsibility.

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What is the sect of the Netzarim?


Throughout the last number of years many people from different walks of faith – Messianics and Christian denominations – have asked or requested information on why Orthodox Netzarim Judaism is different from the rest.  Orthodox Netzarim Judaism is a movement of predominately Jewish people who were either brought up orthodox or who have embraced, to one degree or another, an orthodox lifestyle and believe in the Torah, Prophets, and Writings and also embrace all the oral traditions of our forefathers.

Most Messianic groups believe that the Halachic extension of the Torah (New Testament for Christians) is their Talmud while at the same time rejecting 4,000 years of the oral law of Judaism.  Of course, this is not clear cut; oral tradition tends to be ‘sprinkled’ throughout Messianic groups, even some forms of Christianity.  But Orthodox Netzarim Judaism embraces all the oral tradition no matter what the rabbis have had to say, right or wrong, (we don’t necessarily agree with all they say) but oral tradition maintains the entire history of the Jewish people.

G-d gave the leaders of Israel the right to interpret the commandments handed down orally which reached its fruition through the writings of Moses.  Exodus 18 reveals this fact as Jethro encouraged Moses to find righteous men of impartiality, who took no bribes, had a G-dly reputation, and put them over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.  Since traditions and determinations had been passed down all along orally and the people were already accustomed to leaders placed over them on a tribal level, this seemed good to Moses that now it would be done on a national level.  The creation of the world, the universe, the beginnings of man, population increases around the world, the evil in the world, the flood, and so on and so on, all of this was orally passed down.

The difference between what the world had done orally and the Jewish people have done orally is that we, the Jewish people, have codified everything in what most of the world would say are extreme details.  First century Jews would have not thought anything other.

The Torah, Prophets and Writings are set and fixed.  It is the record of Jewish history and G-d’s movement.  The Oral Law has been written down in all its renderings and remains in flux for the leaders and rabbis of Israel to make proper decisions in every category of Judaism; from sacrifices, high priests, the tabernacle and temple, G-d’s appointed feast days, uncleanliness laws, ethical and moral laws, tradition, ritual custom and keeping kosher.

The Halachic extensions, which include an additional 484 laws, were written primarily to help the Children of Abraham by faith (Gentiles) who have accepted the Jewish Messiah and the faith of Israel live among the Jews, so that the Children of Abraham by faith would not offend the Jews in any way, thereby creating one new man.

Christians think that Christianity formed at this time.  Let me say this to those who are Christian and reading this: you could not be more wrong.  Most of Christianity’s traditions were formed from the 3rd century onward from Rome.  In fact the vast majority of Christian tradition,  practiced by most churches today,  have absolutely nothing to do with what Orthodox Netzarim Jews would have presented in the first century.  There were no churches, no pre-millennial doctrine, no rapture, no Easter, no Christmas, none of those things existed in the first century.

All of the Netzarim Jews were orthodox.  They only had one perspective, the Jewish one.  Of course they embraced the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua, the divine Tzaddik, the Moshiach, the anointed One.  When the Gentiles were starting to believe there was nothing called Christianity to believe in or fall back on.  Jews and the Children of Abraham who were grafted into the promises of Israel pretty much looked the same.  Their houses of worship were patterned after synagogues; they met on Saturday, which really is the Sabbath day, Friday night to Saturday night. And what morals and ethics did they learn?  Make it up as you go?  No.  It was the same law and oral law. Biblical tradition inspired by G-d, written down by holy men of G-d, the Jews, in which the Children of Israel have always believed.

Today Messianic groups, which tend to be eclectic, are predominately non-Jewish. They either do not accept the oral traditions as valid, or they tend to loosely apply them, which makes it look ridiculous.

In closing, I am sure people are thinking that we are not willing to be open to dialogue with Christians or Messianics. As chief rabbi of several synagogues, I have proven my openness several times over by fellowshipping with pastors and their churches, in participating in unity services, in discussions with groups of men who are Christian. I have done concerts and have even received Rabbis and Christian pastors in my own home.

We talk and bring out these important issues but when you have been raised a certain way it is hard to change.  Christian denominations and Messianic conferences have already proven to us here that there will never be a change.  But we have hope in individuals and a few smattering  groups of churches, Messianics and Jews; those who are hungry for true first century belief and the traditions of our forefathers.  For the rest, I say this to you, it is our hope that you go beyond self-righteousness and religious prejudice and open up your heart to a deeper more comprehensive understanding of your Biblical Hebraic roots.

Rabbi Yosef Hilbrant


Prayer for Israel for Wisdom

Shalom, and greetings to our dear friends, members, and supporters!    I would like to request at this serious time in Israel, with the Jewish State fighting against Terrorism, that you pray specifically that the Government of Israel be given Wisdom from on high in how to deal with the constant attacks on the Israeli population by stabbings, car attacks, and shootings by Palestinian terrorists.  99% of all terrorists are eliminated.  That means that there are suicidal individual terrorists who want to die for Allah.  It’s the new threat against Israel by the PLO and their thug leaders in the hope of getting what they want!  And what do they want?  The PLO wants every Jew to leave Israel, everyone, and scatter to the world!  They specifically asked Israelis to return to Poland and Germany, eluding to the concentration camps of Europe where in World War II, 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis!   The Palestinians DON’T WANT A TWO STATE SOLUTION!  ONLY A ONE STATE SOLUTION, AND ITS NAME IS PALESTINE, NO JEW NEED APPLY!  In several videos over the years, released by the PLO and Hamas, there is shown little children with their toy guns, wrapped in make-believe bombs to blow themselves up for Allah, to be the next in line Terrorists, and they are taught to spew hate out of their little mouths, death to Israel, death to the Jews, kill every Jew, etc.

This culture of hate continues so Israel will need to be constantly vigilant.  We also need for you to be vigilant in your prayers and support.  If you are praying, pray more.  These senseless people are full of demons, full of hate, envy, following a religion that espouses killing, and making all to follow Allah, and no one else.  Don’t be fooled, Islam leaves no doubt that the world must follow Allah!  The Koran, their Holy book, makes it clear, convert or die!  Join us each day in prayer, for Israel, for Jerusalem, and for all Jewish people everywhere, for G-d’s protection, for strength and for wisdom,

Am Yisrael Chai, the people of Israel live!

Chief Rebbe Yosef Hilbrant